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Philippe Faure

Modifié le mercredi 03 juillet 2019

Individual Traits and Nicotine Addiction

Philippe Faure
Neuroscience Paris-Seine – IBPS
Sorbonne Université

Consistent individual differences in behaviours represents an ubiquitous feature in animal populations. These behavioural differences among individuals define personality and have been linked to the susceptibility to addiction. Indeed, the susceptibility to develop drug addiction differs substantially between individuals and some traits that characterise an individual, such as impulsivity, exploration or novelty seeking, have been shown to represent a predictive factor for the addictive properties of drugs. The presentation will explore how nicotine, through its action on DA cells,  modifies different traits of an individual, such as the exploration / exploitation balance but also  how social factor, by their action on VTA DA cells could impact specific traits and vulnerability to drug.

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