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Seth Grant

Seth Grant, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh, UK


Synapse molecular diversity and its organisation into the synaptome architecture


Excitatory synapses are far more diverse than previously thought, differing in their protein composition, protein nanoarchitecture, protein lifetime and morphology. We have developed ‘synaptome mapping’ methods to map these features of synapses at single-synapse resolution across the mouse brain and lifespan. These studies reveal a remarkable spatial and temporal synaptome architecture. The synaptome architecture and its implications will be addressed in my seminar.


Seth Grant is Professor of Molecular Neuroscience at the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, Edinburgh University, UK. His pioneering  work on the genetics of cognition and on the complexity of the synapse proteome has made seminal contributions to our understanding of the neuroscience underlying learning, memory and behaviour in health and disease. These studies have encompassed all scales, from molecular proteomics and transcriptomics to whole-brain networks and whole animal behaviour. His current ‘synaptomics’ research has uncovered a remarkable molecular diversity of synapses in the mouse and human brain and is probing its dynamics and plasticity throughout the lifespan. Synaptomics is providing important new insights into the impacts of healthy ageing and of developmental, neurodegenerative and psychiatric brain disorders on the structure and function of the brain.

Website: https://www.edweb.ed.ac.uk/profile/professor-seth-grant