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Tuesday 26th September

  • Plenary Lecture:
    Alicia Izquierdo ( (UCLA, USA)
      Frontocortical circuits in reward learning and value-based decision making

  • Session 1: Cortico-Thalamic circuits for adaptive behaviour
    . Helen Barbas (Boston University, USA)
      Circuits for content, context, and affect synthesis through thalamus
    Michael Halassa (MIT, USA)
      Thalamocortical interactions in cognitive control and flexibility.
    . Naoya Takahashi (Bordeaux University/CNRS, France)
      Thalamocortical pathway for goal-directed action initiation
    . Clément Léna (Paris University/CNRS, France)
      Revisiting the roles of the cerebellum: lessons from motor and emotional systems

  • Lunch + Poster Session

  • Session 2: Cortico-Hippocampal circuits for adaptive behaviour
    Seongmin Park ((Lyon University/CNRS, France)
      Structural abstraction and behavioral flexibility
    . Michaël Zugaro  (Paris University/CNRS, France)
      Hippocampo-cortical dynamics underlying memory formation and consolidation
    . Nachum Ulanovsky (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
      Neural codes for natural behaviors in flying bats

  • Plenary Lecture:
    . Yaniv Assaf (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
      The evolution of the connectome

  • Wine and cheese + Poster Session

Wednesday 27th September

  • Session 3: Cortico-Limbic circuits for adaptive behaviour
    . Lesley Fellows (McGill University, Canada)
      Critical prefrontal contributions to goal-directed behaviour in humans
    . Anna Beyeler (Bordeaux University/INSERM, France)
      Neural coding of anxiety and emotional valence in circuits of the insular cortex
    . Rony Paz (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
      Neural representations of valence in the primate brain
    . Gabrielle Girardeau (Paris University/INSERM, France)
      Neural mechanisms for memory and emotional processing during sleep

  • Plenary Lecture:
    . Emiliano Bruner (Burgos University, Spain)
      Prehistory and neuroscience

  • Lunch + Poster session

  • Session 4: Cortico-Basal Ganglia circuits for adaptive behaviour
    . Long Ding (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
      Basal ganglia contributions to perceptual decision making in monkeys
    . Genevra Hart (UNSW, Australia)
      Dorsomedial striatal dopamine release signals the goal-directed action-outcome relationship

    . Nicolas Mallet (Bordeaux University/CNRS, France)
      Spatiotemporal dynamics and dependence on cortico-basal ganglia circuits for fine movement execution in rodents
    . Mathias Pessiglione (Paris University/INSERM, France)
      A functional partition of the medial prefrontal cortex for the guidance of adaptive behavior

  • Gala dinner

Thursday 28th September

  • Session 5: Cortical circuits for adaptive behaviour
    . Céline Amiez (Lyon University/CNRS, France)
      Sulcal variability identifies differential evolution of frontal cortical regions in primates
    . Karine Guillem (Bordeaux University/CNRS, France)
      Aberrant neuronal and gamma activities in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex in nicotine withdrawal-induced attentional deficits
    . Stefan Everling Western University, Canada)
      Vocalization-related activity in the anterior cingulate cortex
    . Julie Duque (UCL, Belgium) 
      Corticospinal correlates of processes underlying Action preparation

  • Plenary Lectures :
    . Michel Thiebaut de Schotten (Bordeaux University/CNRS, France)
      Non-human primate neuroimaging: the next frontier
    . Suzanne Haber (Rochester University, USA)
      Circuits underlying behavioral flexibility, psychiatric disease and neuromodulation: From primate anatomy to human neuroimaging

  • Final discussion for the future:
    Yaniv Assaf, Emiliano Bruner, Suzanne Haber, Alicia Izquierdo and Michel Thiebaut de Schotten

  • From 1pm: Lunch

No session in the afternoon