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Helen Barbas

Boston University and School of Medecine
Website : https://www.bu.edu/neural/


Circuits for content, contexte, and affect synthesis through thalamus


Helen Barbas is Professor at Boston University and School of Medicine. She studied neuroscience at McGill University (PhD) and Harvard Medical School (postdoctoral). She established the Neural Systems Laboratory at Boston University, funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIMH and NINDS), the National Science Foundation and Autism Speaks. Her research focuses on the organization of the cerebral cortex, and specifically on the pattern and synaptology of prefrontal pathways with excitatory and inhibitory systems, as well as influences from the amygdala and hippocampus through the thalamus for the synthesis of signals associated with cognition, memory and emotions. Her work has led to establishment of the predictive Structural Model, which links the laminar structure of the cortex to connections, development, the stability/plasticity continuum within the cortical mantle, and preferential vulnerability of some areas to neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases.