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  • Céline Amiez (Lyon University/CNRS, France)
  • Yaniv Assaf (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
  • Helen Barbas (Boston University, USA)
  • Anna Beyeler (Bordeaux University/INSERM, France)
  • Emiliano Bruner (Burgos University, Spain)
  • Long Ding (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Julie Duque (ULB, Belgium)
  • Stefan Everling (Western University, Canada)
  • Leslie Fellows (McGill University, Canada)
  • Gabrielle Girardeau (Paris University/INSERM, France)
  • Karine Guillem (Bordeaux University/CNRS, France)
  • Suzanne Haber (Rochester University, USA)
  • Michael Halassa (MIT, USA)
  • Genevra Hart (UNSW, Australia)
  • Alicia Izquierdo (UCLA, USA)
  • Nicolas Mallet (Bordeaux University/CNRS, France)
  • Rony Paz (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
  • Seongmin Park (Lyon University/CNRS, France)
  • Mathias Pessiglione (Paris University/INSERM, France)
  • Daniela Popa (Paris University/CNRS, France)
  • Naoya Takahashi (Bordeaux University/CNRS, France)
  • Michel Thiebaut de Schotten (Bordeaux University/CNRS, France)
  • Nachum Ulanovsky (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
  • Mikael Zugaro (Paris University/CNRS, France)