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Presentation - GIS Autisme et TND

by Catherine Barthélémy, director of the GIS Autisme et TND
and Paul Olivier, project manager of the GIS Autisme et TND


Boosting network research for the benefit of people with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families: European perspectives


With the support of the French National Strategy for Autism in NeuroDevelopmental Disorders, and under the supervision of the CEA, CNRS, INRAE and INSERM institutions, the Autism and NeuroDevelopmental Disorders Scientific Interest Group (Autism and NDD GIS), headed by child psychiatrist and neuroscientist Professor Catherine Barthélémy, aims to pursue the research structuring dynamic set in motion by the Aviesan Autism Research Network in 2014. GIS is a international scaled consortium federating more than 500 research teams all over the world, from all disciplines, including life and health sciences, human and social sciences, education sciences, and information and communication sciences and technologies. For the first time, new scientific synergies are being created based on the concrete involvement of individuals with NDD and their families. These new collaborations are accelerating scientific innovation: the discoveries made are now paving the way for new detection procedures, from the earliest age, and for the implementation of adapted interventions throughout lifespan.