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Past, Present, and Future of Brain Research - 2017

Bordeaux Neurocampus organizes every fall an international Brain Conference open to everyone from Bordeaux, France and abroad. Twenty of the best renown specialists in the field are invited to give a talk and interact with the 150 to 250 participants. The Bordeaux Neurocampus Conferences are organized by young group leaders, mentored by more senior scientists in Bordeaux. This allows to highlight topics in neuroscience which are not only representative of strong or emerging fields of Bordeaux Neurocampus, but are also given a transdisciplinary and innovative twist. Each edition is focused on an original neuroscience topic. During the last three years, the Conferences have dealt with brain metabolism, neural circuits probed during behaviour and synapse-glia interactions.

The 4th Bordeaux Neurocampus Conference, entitled "Past, Present, and Future of Brain Research" or the "Inaugural Conference", is somewhat different and highlights a new step in the development of Bordeaux Neurocampus, with the official and scientific inauguration of the new Neurocampus building. The purpose of the 2017 Conference is to gather the most prominent neuroscientists coming from a wide horizon. These scientists are representative of the amazing diversity of neuroscience, of the various levels of complexity of the brain, and of the technological and conceptual inventivity in neuroscience research worldwide.
The neurosciences of Bordeaux were not built in one day and owe their success to a long line of renowned scientists. To name a few, Bernard Bioulac, Michel Le Moal and Jean-Marc Orgogozo have specifically played a decisive role in the dynamism in our community. They will be the honorary co-presidents of this inaugural conference.

The 2017 edition will take place from the 27th to 29th of September in the new auditorium of the "Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine" (previously Neurocampus building). It is open to the whole Bordeaux Neurocampus community. We expect up to 350 participants.

Among invited speakers, Richard Tsien (New-York, US), Richard Huganir (Baltimore, US), Robert Malenka (Stanford, US), Antoine Triller (Paris), Jean-Philippe Pin (Montpellier), Eckart Gundelfinger (Magdeburg, DE), Beth Stevens (Boston, US) have made major contributions in the last decades on the microscopic and nanoscopic analysis of neurons, glial cells, synapses and, on cellular biomechanics analysis, Michael Sheetz (Singapore, SG - New York, US). Modern neuroscience is currently experiencing a technological revolution in the functional study of neural cells and circuits in relation to brain function, here represented by Arthur Konnerth (Munich, DE), Dmitri Rusakov (London, UK), Scott Waddell (Oxford, UK), and Rui Costa (Lisbon, PT). Thomas Jessel (New-York, US) and Hollis Cline (San Diego, US) are the best positioned to present the latest breakthrough in developmental neuroscience. At a much more integrated level, we will have the chance to hear about behavioural neuroscience in rodents and in human by the front line players Marian Joëls (Utrecht, NL), Ana Domingos (Lisbon, PT). Markus Heilig (Linköping, SE), Daniele Piomelli (San Diego, US) and James Surmeier (Chicago, US) will share with us the current concepts and results in addiction research, historically a major discipline in Bordeaux. Finally, similar to the situation in Bordeaux Neurocampus, basic neuroscience will go side by side with clinical discoveries, with presentations from Rohini Kuner (Heidelberg, DE) in the physiopathological mechanisms of pain, from Christine Petit (Paris) on auditory deficits, Frédéric Saudou (Grenoble) on Huntington's disease, from Monica Di Luca (Milan, IT) on Alzheimer's disease and from Claudia Bagni (Lausanne, CH) on intellectual disabilities. Grégoire Courtine (Zürich, CH) will unveil new avenues for restoring motricity after spinal injury.

The 4th international Brain Conference is organized jointly by Bordeaux Neurocampus and by the LabEx BRAIN.

Hoping to see you there!

The Organizing Committe: Christophe Mulle, Daniel Choquet, Erwan Bézard, Jean-René Cazalets, Sophie Layé, Pierre Philip and Pier Vincenzo Piazza.