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Marcelo Dietrich

Department of Comparative Medicine, Yale School of Medicine



Early life transitions in the regulation of energy metabolism


Marcelo O. Dietrich is an Associate Professor with joint appointments in the Departments of Comparative Medicine and Neuroscience at Yale University School of Medicine. He joined the Yale faculty in 2014 after earning his M.D. and Ph.D. from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, with additional training at the Cajal Institute and Yale. Marcelo's research investigates how infants transition to adulthood and how experiences during this developmental stage influence their maturation. His laboratory studies the molecular, cellular, and systems mechanisms governing the development of physiological and behavioral processes in infant mammals. His work integrates fields like neurobiology, metabolism, genetics, and behavior. A central focus is the social attachment bond between infants and caregivers that provides all the essential needs for infants and impacts their survival and future health. By researching these early life transitions and their biological bases, Marcelo aims to gain insights into fundamental developmental processes relevant to promoting healthy human development across the lifespan.