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Naoya Takahashi

CNRS IINS - UMR 5297, University of Bordeaux
Website : https://www.iins.u-bordeaux.fr/TAKAHASHI

Twitter : @na0ya_takahashi


Thalamocortical pathway for goal-directed action initiation


Naoya Takahashi is a CNRS researcher and head of the "Neural Basis of Perception" team at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (IINS) within the Bordeaux Neurocampus. After completing his PhD at the University of Tokyo, he pursued his postdoctoral career at the laboratory of Prof. Matthew Larkum at the Humboldt University of Berlin, where he published a series of studies on the active role of cortical neuron dendrites in somatosensory processing.

Since 2020, N Takahashi has been leading his team at the IINS, where they use an array of advanced tools and methods in neurophysiology and behavioral neuroscience to investigate the cellular and circuit mechanisms that underlie tactile perception in mice.