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Nathalie Delzenne

Louvain Drug Research Institute , UCLouvain-woluwe, Belgium



Interest of omics approaches in the evaluation of gut microbiome-brain interactions in nutritionBiosketch


Nathalie Delzenne is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical sciences at UCLouvain (Belgium). She is leader of the Research Group in Metabolism and Nutrition at UCLouvain. She has been pioneer in the discovery of nutrients targeting the gut microbiota (prebiotics) and elaborated the molecular mechanisms behind their effects on the control of metabolic and behavioral diseases. She is highly cited researcher yearly from 2019  (Scopus; H-factor 101) with nearly 300 peer-reviewed papers mostly as last author. she has been involved  as promoter in national and international research consortia (KBBE MyNewGut, Walloon Region Excellence Project FOOD4GUT, FIBER TAG project, Neuron Gut2Behave consortium) and obtained multiple scientific awards (among those the international Prize Dautrebande in Physiology, Prize Eugène de Somer in medicine) . She is full member and member of the board of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Belgium, founding member and past-President of the Belgian Nutrition Society, and chair of the scientific committee of ESPEN (European Society for Clinical nutrition and Metabolism).