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Mathias Groszer

Inserm, Sorbonne Université, Institut du Fer à Moulin, Paris, France


Approaching human neurodevelopment through studying of rare mutations


Matthias Groszer's team studies neurodevelopmental disorders with the ultimate aim to identify key molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in establishing neuronal circuits underlying social cognition and behavior. They currently focus on the study of transcription factors whose mutations lead to speech and language disorder and to microcephaly and intellectual disability.
They aim to dissect the molecular targets of these transcription factors and their roles in neuronal physiology and behavior. In order to tackle these issues, they employ state of the art complementary methods in molecular genetics, cell biology, electrophysiology and optogenetics in genetic mouse models and human iPSC-derived neurons. Eventually their research should contribute to a better understanding of complex neurodevelopmental syndromes which affect the ‘social brain’ such as autisms or related disorders.

Website: https://ifm-institute.org/en/equipe/team-groszer/