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Vincent Prevot

Laboratory of Development and Plasticity of the Neuroendocrine Brain, Lille Neuroscience & Cognition, Inserm U1172, Lille, France

X for Lille Neuroendocrinology


Tanycytic Shuttles: Guardians of Lipid and Glucose homeostasis for Healthy Aging


I am currently Senior Research Director at the Inserm (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) and Head of the "Development and Plasticity of the Postnatal Brain" laboratory at the Lille Neuroscience & Cognition Research Center in Lille, France, since 2007. The two principal focuses of my research are the Central Control of Energy Homeostasis and the Neurobiology of Reproduction. Among my recent pioneering studies is the demonstration that tanycytes, specialized ependymoglial cells lining the floor of the third ventricle, transport circulating metabolic signals such as leptin, as well as anti-obesity drugs like liraglutide, across brain barriers into the hypothalamus to regulate energy homeostasis.