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Invited speakers' abstracts

Ivan E de Araujo

Peripheral Sensory Control of Brain Reward Systems

Serge Ahmed

It takes two to reward

Frédéric Alexandre

A computational model to study the dynamics of representations of rewards in the orbital and medial frontal cortex

Jaideep Bains

CRH PVN neurons decode stress controllability and modify defensive behaviour

Christelle Baunez

The subthalamic nucleus: an unexpected critical node in the reward circuit

Camilla Bellone

Neural mechanisms underlying social motivation

Martine Cador

Too much sugar at adolescence: brain reward deficits at adulthood

Francis Chaouloff

Neurobiological bases of the rewarding value of exercise

Elena Chartoff

Sex differences in the reward-related effects of opioids in rats

Joshua T. Dudman

Dopamine neuron activity and the desiderata of learning

Philippe Faure

Individual Traits and Nicotine Addiction

Pierre-Olivier Fernagut

Reward dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease: trying to disentangle the contributions of neurodegeneration, drugs and individual vulnerability using animal models

Cecilia Flores

The reward circuitry in adolescence is still under construction

Ebrahim Haroon

Cortico-striatal Glutamatergic Underpinnings of Inflammation-Induced Reward Dysfunction in Depression.

Mehdi Khamassi

Exploiting individual differences to inform computational models of dopamine in reinforcement learning.

Thomas Kash

Probing Alcohol Induced Mechanisms of Altered Threat Response

Christoph Kellendonk

Ventral Striatal D2 Receptors and Motivation

Stephan Lammel

Dopamine Circuits in Reward and Aversion

Angela Langdon

Model-based predictions for dopamine

Diana Martinez

Imaging and Treatment Development for Substance Use Disorders

Marisela Morales

VTA neuronal diversity and motivated behavior

Ignacio Obeso

Dopaminergic treatment and excessive behaviours: impulse control disorders in Parkinson disease

Emmanuel Valjent

Functional and molecular heterogeneity of D2R-expressing neurons along dorsal ventral axis in the striatum

Peter Vanhoutte

Modulation and functions of dopamine and glutamate receptor heteromers in cocaine-evoked adaptations

Kate Wassum

Corticolimbic circuitry in reward learning and pursuit