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Invited Speakers

  • Pascale Belenguer: France (Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse) - PhD, Prof.
  • David Chan: United States (California Institute of Technology) - MD, PhD, Prof.
  • Tamas Horvath: United States (Yale University, New Haven, USA) - DVM, PhD, Prof.
  • Oliver Kann: Germany (Inst. Pathophysiology, Heidelberg) - MD, Prof.
  • Josef Kittler: United Kingdom (University College London) - PhD
  • Giovanni Manfredi: United States (Weill Cornell Medical College, Ithaca) - MD, PhD
  • Jean-Claude Martinou: Switzerland (University of Geneva, Geneva) - PhD, Prof.
  • Jeffrey Milbrandt: United States (Washington University, St. Louis) - MD, PhD
  • David G. Nicholls: United States (Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato) - PhD, Prof.
  • Jorge Oliveira: Portugal (University of Porto) - PhD
  • Vladimir Parpura: Croatie (Univ. Alabama, and Univ. of Rijeka) - MD, PhD
  • Serge Przedborski: United States (Columbia University, New York) - MD, PhD
  • Pascal Reynier: France (University of Angers) - MD, Prof.
  • Timothy Ryan: United States (Weill Cornell Medical College, Ithaca) - PhD, Prof.
  • Jorgina Satrustegui: Spain (CBMSO, Madrid) - PhD
  • Anthony Schapira: United Kingdom (University College London) - MD, PhD, Prof.
  • Jan Smeitink: Netherlands (Nijmegen Centre for Mitochondrial Disorders and Khondrion) - MD, PhD, Prof.
  • Richard Youle: United States (National Institute of Health, Bethesda) - PhD
  • Elena Ziviani: Italy (University of Padoue) - MD, PhD